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Shakti Alchemy is the masala of a well rounded divine feminine life.

 It is a practice of inner-union, also known as inner-tantra, that prepares us for deeper levels of a sacred union within ourselves which focuses on balancing the flows of our masculine and feminine energy.  When the two divine polarities meet energetically in each chakra, we experience ecstatic inner alchemy that lifts the vibration of each chakra into resonance with creation, opening us to our highest potential on every level of our lives. 


A sultry combo of Vedic Tantra-Kundalini Yoga, Kalari Payattu, and Shakti Dance.  


Each sequence flow infused with chanting, mudras, bandhas and goddess embodiment.


Shakti Alchemy Dance Workshop

Shakti Alchemy

7 Week Chakra Online Series 

Shakti is untamed, unconventional and will not fit into the ready-made boxes of the cultural status quo.

Allowing and surrendering to her fluid journey up the energy system, she will cleanse and purify emotions that have been built up, hidden and are blocking our chakras.


"Alisa is awesome and great! She gave me some meaningful, personal advice that was straightforward. I appreciate everything Alisa has done and will definitely continue to see her on a regular basis. Alisa is the truth!!!”

-Tiffany B.  August 5, 2013

What People Say

"There's no words to explain this experience. What I can tell you is that I'm completely healed of ovarian cancer. I've tapped into my feminine power and I have never been more connected to my guides than now. Thank you Alisa!”

 -Rekha M.  June 3, 2015

"You will never a meet a more humble and down to earth woman like Alisa Levine she is woman of many trades one who encompasses so much wisdom. From the moment we met three years ago Alisa has influenced my life for the better. As a Reiki master she has helped me overcome my long-term battle with depression and anxiety. She keeps it real, always encouraging and coaching me along the way. With her guidance I have received Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 certifications and am now a practitioner. I must say with Alisa it was easy for me to let down my guard, because of her warm presence you know she always has your best intentions at heart and each experience with her is always fulfilling.  She is a great spiritual teacher aka. My guru lol.”

-Rachel B.  August 29, 2016

"I loved the service and felt amazing after the session. Alisa is amazing. I highly recommend her :). I felt a warming sensation from toes straight up to my head. I suddenly was in another world”

- Nina  August 20, 2014

"Alisa is a gifted spiritual mentor, teacher, and guide. Her teachings have brought so much healing and positive energy to my life. She is the real deal, she embodies the goddess. When she speaks to you she gives 100 percent of her attention to you. I would recommend her services to anyone! Thank you Alisa!!”

—  Angela M.  September 7, 2016

"Thank you Alisa. The session was profound. I deeply appreciate your work.”

-Jennifer R.  September 25, 2013

"Really powerful, healing experience! Have already recommended to friends and family.”

—  Brittany F.  January 17, 2014


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