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7 Chakra Online Series

The Seven Chakra Soap Bundle Box! 

The monthly box is available and coming your way! 

Now you can enjoy healing and activation all month long and never worry about running out of your favorited. The first 100 subscribers will receive a 20% discount on The Seven Chakra Soap Bundle Box. Not only will you receive a 20% discount every month on this amazing activating and energizing Seven Chakra Soap Bundle Box, you will also receive The Shakti Alchemy online 7 week CHAKRA SERIES program (a $250 value!) for FREE!  Just by being one of the first 100 subscribers. Also, the FIRST 100 subscribers will be invited to my Personal zoom group (sister circle) for the 7 weeks of the program. 


What is The Shakti Alchemy online 7 week CHARKA SERIES program?


Shakti Alchemy is a practice of inner union, also known as inner tantra, that prepares us for deeper levels of sacred union with ourselves where we focus on balancing the flows of masculine and feminine energy within us. When the two divine polarities meet energetically in each chakra, we experience an ecstatic inner alchemy that lifts the vibration of each chakra into resonance with creation, opening us to our highest potential on every level of our lives. 

Join me Hemavanti Alisa on a inner self journey through the chakras. We will clear away the blockages and energize our souls through tantra rituals, shaktipat and a little touch of dance. I’ve had the great privilege of being born with this gift as well as growing up in a tantric home.

I feel it’s my duty to share theses teachings. Therefore my gift to you for signing up for a monthly Seven Chakra Soap Bundle Box is a life changing experience which is “The Shakti Alchemy Online 7 week Series”. Let’s come together in sisterhood. Let’s clear and activate our energy vortexes. Let’s heal our DNA program. Let’s heal our traumas. Let’s claim our power and regain our feminine sexuality essence together.

Couples Rekindle Workshop

Is your marriage/relationship a battle ground?

Are you bored of everyday routine?

Are you talking at each rather than to each other? Is desire and passion completely missing? Does it feel like you’re roommates instead of twin flames or soulmates? What if I told you, your realtionship could regain that fire you once had or never had. What if I told you, you could fall in love all over again. If this sounds appealing to you then I invite you to attend this life changing couples workshop.


You will experience 3 Tantra secrets of connection, intimacy, and sexual pleasure.

This workshop is also beneficial for couples desiring to take it a step further by connecting on a more deeper spiritual level.  


Before you book please email me right away for availability.

It books up pretty fast. I like very intimate groups and only work with 5 couples per workshop.

Workshop is held in Marlboro, NJ 

Location will be provided upon registering.

Shakti Alchemy Tantra Teacher Training

Do you hear the call?  Do you hear your higher self guiding you to Shakti Alchemy? 

Then I urge you to come forth, embrace and awaken your sensual feminine power that has been asleep for so long. Awaken my dear sister! You know something is missing. Your life should be better. Awaken divine healer! Embrace your life experience. You know you have to let go, to heal past wounds, to dance with your shadow and make everything anew. I also know this craving for connection that runs deep in your womb. This longing for a sisterhood that's unbreakable and with virtue. What if I told you all your worldly wishes "can" come true.


Shakti Alchemy Tantra Teacher Training is the forgotten tools used in ancient times that are now being reawaken moving forward in the 5th Dimension. Meaning our evolutions.


This is a 5 day Intense Certification Course

You will be guided into

* Hands on receiving and giving a Ayurvedic Tantric Massage

* Self Love

* Energetic Healing

* Connect to Source, GAIA and your guides

* Yoni Yoga

* Shakti Dance

* Sexual Alchemy Manifestation

* Shakti Yoni Worship (self love)

* Shiva Lingam Worship (understanding men)

* Anatomy & Physiology

* Authentic Communication (speaking your truth)

* Connection Meditations

* Tantric Rituals

* Kama Sutra Positions

* The 5 Senses

* Balancing Shiva Shakti Energy

* A Tantric Bedroom

* Love Language (know your archetype and your partners to fully love and understand each other)

* How to Embody the Goddess

* Mudras

* Mantras

* Yantras

* Feminine Sensual Pranayama (breath work)

* Bandhas (energy locks)

* Chakra Balancing (identify and clearing blockages)

* Kundalini Activation

* Interpersonal Communication (engaging and growing with your sisters as you develop your abilities to honestly interact with yourself and others)



I only hold space for 5 students per training. It's important to me that a full connection to tantra and source is experienced. This is a very personal upgrade/ transformation. You deserve an all-inclusive healing touch especially through your kundalini awakening.

Upon receiving tuition, we will send you an enrollment form.

Please ask, we do offer payment plans and childcare may be provided.

Releasing Ancestral Codes

This simple but effective Ancestral Tantric ritual done daily removes karma from our prior generations. Our Ancestor's souls are relieved from the tournament and pain, which then relieves us. This simply ritual heals them, brings them peace, purifies their soul, bringing them to light consciousness even in another life form.

Little do we know, but our very existence is controlled by our ancestors, and coded in our cells and DNA. They co-create our thought process, are linked to our subconsciousness. They hold and share space in our souls. 

Our Ancestral codes affect our romantic relationships, our friendships, our health, our wealth, and basically every aspect of our lives.  By doing this ritual, we decode the ancestral baggage. 

I will be introducing this simple sacred ritual on the new moon of August 30th, 2019, at 7 pm. 

Please arrive at 6:45 pm 

Asbury Park Beach


Bring three quarters

A list of your Ancestor's names

A yoga mat 

A shawl for warmth 

Water to drink


Everything else will be provided 

To register email:


Donation $25.00-$50.00 or as you feel


A email or text will follow with exact location

Please include your phone number during transaction


A live zoom gathering is also available for this event. 

If you are attending through zoom. I will let you know what ritual items are needed to do this at home. It will also be recorded and sent to email.

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